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    Really happy to have worked with the
    historic Catalan chocolate maker
    Simón Coll on its first ever
    ecommerce adventure.
    We have been lucky enough to work once more with Accelya, on the production of a third video for this global player in the
    airline servicing industry.
    London agency BMB has trusted us
    again to storyboard and develop
    the new Samsung Galaxy Watch
    banner campaign.
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    • Client: Simón Coll Xocolaters
    • Campaign: New ecommerce website
    After a few months in the making, we are very excited to announce the launch of Simón Coll’s brand new website. The renowned chocolate maker finally made the jump to ecommerce and chose The Two Marias to be the hand to hold in the process. We accepted their challenge to represent the legacy of this 175-year-old company online. They didn’t want a pure ecommerce site or a pure editorial page, so we created this beautiful hybrid, where the user can not only buy their products and book a visit to the factory but also take a peek at the amazing story of this historic brand.

    Our responsibilities included creating a clean UX and classy design and developing the online shop, which contains almost 400 products. We also had fun organising a photoshoot with the amazing chocolate they produce and certainly enjoyed munching on the leftovers!
  • Simon Coll Ecommerce Website
    • Client: Accelya
    • Campaigns: Event videos for World Cargo Summit 2018 (Dallas), accounting software launch (Dubai) and sales software launch (Monaco)
    Accelya, with 400+ airlines, travel agents and shippers as clients, is one of the world’s leading providers of technology products and services to the air passenger and cargo industry. After two successful video productions for two separate events, Accelya trusted the Two Marias with the production of a third video to present its newly rebranded sales software product eSmash.

    Having received a very open brief, we carried out the concepting and scripting, as well as the production of the video. Moving away from the classic demo and letting the product speak for itself, the video was intended to captivate an audience of more than 500 people from the airplane industry at an event in Monaco.

    Earlier in the year we had produced two videos for Accelya: one for a IATA summit in Dallas that included a shoot in Dubai, plus another animation-based video that was used to communicate the launch of an accounting software product.

  • Accelya Corporate Videos Accelya Corporate Videos Accelya eSmash Launch Monaco
    • Client: BMB
    • Brand: Samsung
    • Campaign: Samsung Galaxy Watch
    BMB has trusted us again for storyboarding and building the new Samsung Galaxy Watch banner campaign. The brief required us to create the asset package for local markets to be used as masters. The deliverables were 16 banners, with cut-down versions of the video campaign.

    The campaign included four creative routes, each with a different message and video, and each creative was developed in four banner formats. Our tasks included storyboards, animation, development in HTML5 for Doubleclick adserver and backup gifs.
  • Samsung
    • Client: Honda Motors Europe
    • Brand: Honda Miimo
    • Campaign: Miimo Lawn Planner
    We’ve been friends with Honda and this little guy for over four years now. Our latest project for the brand is this enhanced Lawn Planner tool, which helps potential customers to better understand how the robot works. We worked on the design and development of the planner, including integration with honda.com, working closely at all times with Honda and LBi. Have fun playing with Miimo! And remember: there is more to life than cutting the grass.
  • Honda project cover
  • FRONT &
    • Client: Redwood London
    • Brand: Redwood
    • Campaign: New website

    With more than 35 years experience in content creation, Redwood believe that content is always the answer to a question.

    That is the idea behind their new website, which we’ve had the privilege to develop. Visitors to the site are encouraged to ask a question, which Redwood will then answer using both question and trigger words. The result is a unique and brave user experience, one that represented a challenge for us in terms of setting up a CMS that didn’t use traditional pages or sections but instead matched content types to questions.

    We developed the site on time and on budget but - also importantly - we had the pleasure of working with a great team, who create beautiful content for great brands.

  • Redwood London - New Website
    • Client: BBH
    • Brand: The Guardian
    • Campaign: Observer Food Monthly Awards
    For a food awards campaign we produced display ads and a suite of 6-second videos and animated gifs that were used for social media activity. The campaign encouraged readers to vote for their favourite restaurants, by taking a picture of their empty plates and posting hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. This was our second project for BBH and we’re sure it won’t be the last!
  • The Guardian Project
The Two Marias designed and developed the e-commerce website for our chocolate company Simón Coll. Their seniority and technical expertise made the project very smooth. We were also impressed with their very professional and organised Project Management style. At the same time, their entire team was always approachable and adjusted effortlessly to the specific needs of our business.
Maria Coll
Marketing and Sales Director, Simón Coll
I have really enjoyed working with The Two Marias in the last few years. They have managed to bring our ideas to life, with lots of practical guidance on how to achieve project objectives efficiently and with minimal stress. I don’t know how they do it, but they somehow manage to be both relaxed and friendly, as well as precise and efficient at the same time! It’s great to be able to rely on them as a partner, especially when trying to juggle various projects.
James Barter
Product Manager, Honda Motor Europe - Power Products
Working with The Two Marias was a really positive experience. As anyone who has created their own internal agency site will know, there are many people to keep on track and having a partner that communicates regularly and hits deadlines is critically important. This was a really unusual concept to deliver and there were a number of challenges that they managed with minimum fuss and smart solutions. The CMS even has a lovely drag and drop feature which makes updating the content a delight. I can fully recommend T2Ms as a great partner for anyone looking to outsource production of their digital projects.
Jez Dutton
Head of Digital, Redwood
The Two Marias are great to work with.. From day one they knocked it out the park, both from a creative standpoint as well as speed of delivery. You always know you'll get the best work possible - a 'safe pair of hands' doesn't do them enough justice.
Richard Atkins
Head of Digital Production & Partner, BBH London
The Two Marias have worked with BMB across projects of varying complexity and urgency. Their approach is always consistent – they’re professional, friendly and above all reliable. We always have absolute confidence when working on a project with the Two Marias, regardless of any curveballs that may come our way! We really do see the Two Marias as an extension of the BMB production team.
Melanie Lowings
Freelance Sr Integrated Project Manager
We have thoroughly enjoyed working with The Two Marias for the past 7 years. They are reliable, hard-working and can always turn around a job in record time whilst still keeping calm and, importantly, friendly!
Lucy Hollingsworth
Account Director, Arthur London
It was an absolute pleasure working with The Two Marias - they are personable, efficient, and very open to ideas. Thanks to their hard work we were able to deliver an exceptional HTML5 build on time and on budget.
Stephen Mead
Integrated Producer, adam&eveDDB, London
I’ve worked with The Two Marias at a selection of agencies now for the past eight years. They are straight forward, great at what they do and always on hand to offer support over and above. Detail orientated, hard working and strong at finding the best talent. They’ve been a great partner for me over the years, and will be for the years to come.
Sian Kelly Guy
Freelance Sr Project Manager
The Two Marias partnered with us on a complicated technical build project that spanned several months due to its complexity. They delivered against our requirements on time and on budget. Their style of PM also stood us in good stead, they really did feel like a true extension of our team.
Caroline Davison
Managing Partner, Elvis, London
Working with The Two Marias means I don't have to worry about whatever aspect of the job they are taking care of. They'll do whatever it takes to deliver something on time and with everything tested. They also must have tons of patience to deal with the inevitable last minute changes!
Cara Bermingham
Head of Agile Delivery at The Co-op
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Digital production in good hands. That, in a nutshell, is how we like to define ourselves.
Maria Blasi and Maria Sala, the partners behind The Two Marias, have a combined expertise of more than 30 years in international digital agencies. Having definitively learned the ropes of what companies need when they outsource digital production, we now aim to deliver not only great work but also peace of mind.
Experienced project management, flexibility and friendly prices are what make us the right production partner for your digital projects - whether big or small. Be it an email build, a banner campaign or a content-rich website, we treat all our projects with motherly care and attention to detail. The reason is simple: they are as critical to our business as they are to yours.
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Our production team is based in Barcelona – as you might know, London's trendiest neighbourhood.
This gives us access to brilliant English speaking talent who are drawn to this beautiful city, and it allows us to keep our rates affordable. Also, The Two Marias split their time between London and Barcelona so we can meet regularly with clients and are more than happy to pop in for a chat and a cuppa.
  • Maria Blasi
    linkedin icon
    Maria Blasi
    Founder / Operations Director
    Maria B oversees the team's work and also manages some projects personally. She exemplifies our studio's blueprint of professionalism and organisation. An old hand of the UK digital scene, Maria previously spent ten years at Good Technology, the last three running their production outsourcing division. Her technical know-how and strong organisational skills complement an outgoing and cheerful personality.
  • Maria Sala
    Maria Sala
    linkedin icon
    Partner / Managing Director
    Maria S runs the studio with a firm hand (but not with an iron fist!). She's in charge of day-to-day management, business development and overall client satisfaction. Before joining The Two Marias, Maria spent over ten years working in international digital agencies in Paris, Barcelona and Beijing as a client lead, including a five-year stint in London. Maria is meticulous and driven as well as curious and adventurous.
  • Xavi Gort / Senior Developer
    Xavi Gort
    Senior Developer
    Xavi has over 10 years experience as a developer including: XHTML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, PHP, XML, MySQL, Ajax and JSON.
    He also excels at making complex tech lingo comprehensible!
  • Come join us!
    Alex Lopez
    Front End Developer
    Alex recently moved from London to Barcelona. +7 years of experience making the web more beautiful, one pixel at a time using the latest CSS and Javascript techniques. He also loves (plus he’s actually very good at!) video production and motion graphics.
  • Ale Bica
    Ale Bica
    Senior Creative
    Ale is our award-winning, talented senior creative. His agency experience, spanning over 15 years, allows him to help with those briefs where our clients need creative feedback and fresh ideas. He's also our chief animator!
  • Paula Aguilar
    Paula Aguilar
    Production Manager
    After a decade in London, where she worked at Bloomberg and Havas, Paula came back with 10+ years experience as TV, audiovisual and digital producer. She’s also a smooth and creative video editor.
  • Come join us!
    Position open!
    Production Manager
    You enjoy digital production and international projects.
    Inspiring and co-ordinating teams with different skill sets is your thing, and on top of that your English is top notch..
    Well then, what are you waiting for??
  • Albert / Developer
  • Dirk / Motion graphics
    Motion graphics
  • Xelson / Motion graphics
    Motion graphics
  • Cecilia / Art Director
    Art Director
  • Cesc / Designer
  • Saül / Designer
  • Barbara / UX Designer
    UX Designer
  • Cata / Motion Graphic Designer
    Motion graphics
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